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    All Problems Solved in an Hour

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Net Profit Explosion (NPE) is Perform Better’s  “Official Business Education Partner”. They help fitness business owners (and lots of Perform Better fitness pros) achieve long-term freedom, prosperity, and independence. This article helps Perform Better Fitness Entrepreneurs use time management to build their business.

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    SFMA Merging with FMS

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Gray Cook, co-founder of Functional Movement Systems (FMS), articulates a personal message about the merging of Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and FMS "under one roof."

    Introducing the Revolutionary Torq-King

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The Torq-King is a revolutionary full-body, functional training workout tool for all levels. Use it for strength training & conditioning, overall fitness, flexibility, core stability, and aerobic training. From individual movements targeting specific muscle groups to multi-exercise circuit training programs, the Torq-King provides a balanced, adaptable and diverse training regime.

    Ab Trainer… and Much More
    Although the Torq-King works as an incredible abdominal trainer, it is much more than an ab-roller (which only moves forwards and backwards). The Torq-King’s patented Omni-wheel system allows you to perform body weight exercises with a 360 degree range of motion and a constant focus on core strength and stability. By simply adjusting your body position, you determine how challenging to make each movement.  Easily adapt your workout to suit your strength and fitness level.

    Versatile and Easy to Use
    With the Torq-King there is no set up or other equipment required – all you need is a floor. Use it anytime and anywhere! With its range of movements you can balance your workout to target sport-specific muscles and actions. Combine movements to work multiple muscle groups. ‘Active transitions’ between exercises maximizes your workout intensity. Use the Torq-King as a stand-alone workout or use it to intensify your existing workout to build core strength and stability. Use it for fat-burning circuit training for added endurance or Pilates-based movements for a rock-solid core.

    The Omni-wheel technology enables you to slide the Torq-King in all ranges of motion. The adjustable foot attachment simply slips over the non-slip handgrip, allowing you to incorporate a variety of lower body exercises. And, the Torq-King disassembles easily – the wheel hubs unscrew for travel and storage.

    The Torq-King has received rave reviews in many popular fitness magazines including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Muscle Fitness and Ultra-Fit. Whether you engage in occasional training at home or in the gym, you're a personal trainer or coach, or you're a professional athlete, the Torq-King brings a new, innovative dimension to strength and fitness training. Additionally, the incredible variety of functional movements that are achievable helps in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

    Purchase the Torq-King at (sold in pairs). You may also be interested in browsing all of our bodyweight training equipment.

    The Versatile and Simple Hammer Head Anchor Gym

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The Hammer Head Anchor Gym (H2 Unit) from Core Energy Fitness is a versatile exercise platform that is simple, effective and affordable. The gym is a modular functional training station that anchors resistance bands, large loop bands, suspension trainers, stretch straps and more. It's easy to use, delivers hundreds of exercises, and takes up zero floor space!

    The Hammer Head Anchor Gym H2 Unit is made of steel and can support up to 300 lbs. of resistance. Each hook has a T-bar and curved shape for bands to be pulled from multiple angles safely. The two hooks extend 3 inches from the wall. Each unit is 11 ½” high and 2 ½” wide and includes mounting hardware.

    The Hammer Head Anchor Gym is normally set up in three configurations.

    The Basic Configuration consists of three H2 Units mounted at ankle height, chest height and at seven feet. This configuration delivers six key anchoring angles for hundreds of exercise options.

    The PLUS Configuration adds a fourth H2 unit mounted at waist height. This is a great angle for exercises using stability balls or large loop bands.

    Designed for professional gyms, the PRO Configuration has twelve hooking angles spread over six H2 units for maximum anchoring options. It makes a great personal training station or the ultimate home gym.

    Purchase Hammer Head Anchor Gym H2 Units at Also, check out all of Perform Better’s Gyms, Stations & Racks for Exercise Bands & Tubing.

    You may also be interested in the Hammer Head Anchor Gym Arc Unit (pictured below).

    Perform Better Products Listed as "Best Golf Fitness Items"

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Stephen Hennessey of recently listed the best golf fitness products he saw at the PGA Merchandise Show. Perform Better products made the top three!

    Read the article to learn which Perform Better products Golf Digest recommends.

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